Thelma Gilmur Park
See the survey project here: Mapping Adventures!
Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes
Seeking Space Rocks
Approx. 20 x 30" - Ink on paper, digital color
Created for Schmidt Ocean Institute's Research Vessel Falkor
Columbia River Crossing
Approx. 6" x 9" - Digital
Created for Schmidt Ocean Institute's Research Vessel Falkor​​​​​​​
The Great Sea​​​​​​​
Approx 30" x 30"
A map to celebrate the video game Legend of Zelda: Windwaker
Crystal Bell Forest​​​​​​​
Approx 6" x 9" - Pencil and digital
Created for the graphic novel Bellmage. A less conventional take on map making.
The Phantom Tollbooth​​​​​​​
Approx. 30" x 25" - Ink on parchment
A recreation of Norton Juster's The Phantom Tollbooth world
In progress - Constellations of our night sky
A rendering of the moon's dark spaces as seas, as they are named.
Nurseries of the PNW

Approx. - 14" x 20"
Sommerville, MA​​​​​​​
Approx 5" x 7" - Ink on parchment
The Nameless Tower​​​​​​​
Approx. 10" x 15" - Ink on paper
Created for the novella Son of Man
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